675 AUNTS: special summer edition

This event has passed.

675 AUNTS: special summer edition

Join us for a very special AUNTS at the famed longtime loft of Lucy Sexton and many other NYC legends. After over 30 years, Lucy and family are moving out, so AUNTS is moving in for a one-night performance event!

TUESDAY, AUGUST 30th, 2016

Performances 8pm-11pm, followed by a dance party.

Admission is a donation to the Free Bar where audience and performers can drink all night long for FREE! For this edition of AUNTS, the Free Boutique will be provided by the residents past and present of 675 Hudson Street. Everything must go! Get DANCENOISE costumes and posters, wigs, art supplies, art, and other objects of interest.

Megan Byrne
Nora Burns
Christen Clifford
Furever with Cocco Roman and the Wherewolf
Ayo Janeen Jackson
Elena Rose Light
Heather Litteer
Salley May
Lime Rickey International
Karl Scholz
Rakia Seaborn
Jillian Sweeney
Adrienne Truscott
A Jackie 60 inspired DJ set with Johnny Dynell and the Jackie MCs:

Paul Alexander
Chi Chi Valenti
Hattie Hathaway
and more!!!

Heidi Dorow
Yvonne Meier
Tony Stinkmetal
Gayle Tufts + Mike Iveson
Mimi Goese

Dance party provided by DJ Liliana Dirksgoo
Celebrity Bartenders: Cher and Cher Alike

August 30, 2016 - August 31, 20168:00 pm - 8:00 pm BRIC’s