AUNTS WPA chain curation

This event has passed.

AUNTS WPA chain curation

Presenting AUNTS WPA: micro stimulus – FINAL WEEK! Last day will be May 3rd

In an effort to support artists, show some of the work that has gone unseen, and to provide light and inspiration for our community during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we present AUNTS WPA, a series of chain curated virtual live shows. AUNTS has curated the first 5 artists, the next 5 are curated by those 5 artists, then those artists curate the last 5 for a total of 15 artists/performances. Because of generous donations, we have been able to continue the WPA programming beyond the original 15 artists to include 42 artists!

Performances start on March 20th and continue daily each for a minimum of 5 minutes LIVE on our Instagram TV.

Final Week Artists:
APRIL 27th – Elisa Santiago (@ElisaXantiago)
APRIL 28th – Jessica Blinkhorn (@jessica_blinkhorn_performance)
APRIL 29th – Varinia Canto Vila (@canto_vila)
APRIL 30th – Quilan “Cue” Arnold (@cue4christ)
MAY 1st – Sonja Pregrad (@antisezona)
MAY 2nd – Verónica Santiago Moniello, Dancemaker (@moniellora)
MAY 3rd – Sugar Vendil (@sugarvendil)

Past Artists:
MARCH 20th – Pia Monique Murray/PMMDC (
MARCH 21st – Benjamin Akio Kimitch (@benjaminakio)
MARCH 22nd – stevie may (@stevie_may_performance_stuff)
MARCH 23rd – Malcolm-x Betts (@malcolmxbetts)
MARCH 24th – DaEun Jung (@daeunychum)
MARCH 25th – Jennifer Harge (@jenniferharge)
MARCH 26th – Kemba Evolution (@confident _drive)
APRIL 2nd – Stephanie Acosta (@wakingstephanie)
APRIL 3rd – Allie Hankins (@Allie-Hankins)
APRIL 4th – Rodney A. Brown (@rdnyabrwndance)
APRIL 5th – Day of Rest…
APRIL 6th – Vanessa Walters (@RipeningNYC)
APRIL 7th – Laura Gutierrez (@gutierrezelaura)
APRIL 8th – Johnnie Ray Kornegay III (@jayrayisthename)
APRIL 9th – Paty Lorena Solórzano (@patygirasola)
APRIL 10th – Justina Kamiel Grayman, phd (@justinagrayman.danceandfilm)
APRIL 11th – Christen Clifford (@cd_clifford)
APRIL 12th – Susannah Simpson (@Susannah-Simpson)
APRIL 13th – Day of Rest…
APRIL 14th – Shizu Homma (@ShizuHomma)
APRIL 15th – Day of Rest…
APRIL 16th – Marcus Emel (@iammarcusemel)
APRIL 17th – Ayana Evans (@ayana.m.evans)
APRIL 18th – Jennifer Sydor (@jensydor)
APRIL 19th – Ube Halaya (@radical_ube)
APRIL 20th – Joanna Warren (@joannasmovementblogg5678)
APRIL 21st – Moriah Evans (@mosnave)
APRIL 22nd – Naja Gordon (@lilnajx)
APRIL 23rd – Felicia Ballos (@feliciaanastasia)
APRIL 24th – Mariangela Lopez (@accidentalmovement)
APRIL 25th – Christine Elmo (@r_plant)
APRIL 26th – Jillian Sweeney (@jilliancs)

In the typical AUNTS fashion, artists are invited to show & share anything they would like – multi-disciplinary, body/non-body based, time oriented, finished/experimental/unfinished/process art.

AUNTS WPA provides the artists with our instagram platform and a $75 artist fee.

We encourage you to “tip” or donate to the artist at their Venmo link posted with each performance.

If you would like to support AUNTS WPA, we invite you to donate HERE. We will cycle 100% of all donations made back into WPA and start another chain for every $225 donated (3 X $75 for 3 artists). Thanks to some generous donations we are just $25 away from doing 3 more chains of 3 artists!

Artwork: the original logo of the WPA Federal Art Project (1935-43), doctored color by @donutholestudio.


March 20, 2020 - May 3, 2020 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm Instagram TV: @aunts_here