Happy Hour: AUNTIE-INSTITUTIONAL, Hosted by Travis Chamberlain

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Happy Hour: AUNTIE-INSTITUTIONAL, Hosted by Travis Chamberlain

RIVER TO RIVER Happy Hour events at the BARCHIVE
Sun 6.18 2-5pm AUNTIE-INSTITUTIONAL, Hosted by Travis Chamberlain

How has AUNTS navigated partnerships with institutions in the past and how could that / should that change moving forward? 

“AUNTIE-institutional” is a two-part conversation moderated by Travis Chamberlain with Laurie Berg, Craig Peterson, and jess pretty. The first part of the conversation with Craig Peterson and Laurie Berg will revisit and assess major institutional partnerships between AUNTS and New Museum, Abrons Arts Center, and the current partnership with LMCC for River to River. The second part of the conversation with Laurie Berg and jess pretty will engage the question of whether or not AUNTS may also be considered an institution and what the answer, yes or no, could mean for its future. This event has been allotted a total budget of $1,000, and the AUNTS artists who attend will be invited to determine exactly how that budget gets disbursed as part of this program’s deep dive into defining what AUNTIE-institutionalism means to you.

Travis Chamberlain is Executive Director at Queer|Art and a former curator of performance at the New Museum. Craig Peterson is President and CEO at LMCC and former Vice President of Visual Art and Performance Programming at Abrons Arts Center. Laurie Berg is a choreographer and a former principal organizer for AUNTS. jess pretty is a choreographer, scholar, and curator and the new principal organizer for AUNTS.

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The BARCHIVE is mobility device accessible via a ramp into the space. 

AUNTS archive on Governors Island June 2023 as part of the River To River Festival:
The AUNTS BARCHIVE is a public facing community-centered hub for the collection, organization, and creation of an archive for AUNTS! 

Past AUNTS artists, organizers and new visitors participate in the archive by contributing materials, images, oral histories, or by witnessing. Collectively assembling an archive at our triangular sports bar in the style of Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party,” the BARCHIVE at LMCC’s Art Center on Governors Island will be open throughout June where visitors can visit the bar to view and participate in the archive-in-progress. Look at photos and videos from past events, attend live performances, talks, and join us for a drink at the bar.

Photo credit: AUNTSforcamera residency at the New Museum 2014 by Travis Chamberlain