Pseudo, Anti and Total Dance: SALTA + AUNTS = BAM

This event has passed.

Pseudo, Anti and Total Dance: SALTA + AUNTS = BAM

at the Berkley Art Museum
$10/Free for Students and members.

SALTA and AUNTS host an evening of experimental dance and performance that will take place throughout the spaces of the new BAM building– exploring newness, crevasse, and ghosts. Let’s turn BAM into a dance deck / disco / shrine.

SALTA is a collective of dancers– we curate a free monthly mobile performance series in the East Bay. We approach curation as an experiment in: dancers making space for dance to happen, trying new formats of presenting and thinking about performance, taking care of performers, and being open to wildcards. SALTA is in ongoing collaboration with other dancers, watchers, spaces, curators, and collectives, and is invested in feminisms. girls n queers own the void <

Guided by core principles of collectivity, cooperation, and sharing, AUNTS generates a constantly shifting environment where artists negotiate the simultaneous production and/or presentation of their work in relationship to one another. Often taking the form of a live event, AUNTS allows audiences to freely move about the spaces it inhabits, choosing their own path and creating their own experiences through chance encounters.


March 25, 2016 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm Berkley Art Museum