guest curators for the Body Blend Series
January 20, February 17, March 24, 2010
at Dixon Place Theater (NYC)
161a Chrystie Street NY, NY

January 20 Curated by Sophia Peer and Allen Cordell for AUNTS Featuring:
Anna Copa Cabanna
Erika Magrey
Kate Bush Dance Troupe
Jennifer Sullivan
Allen Cordell and James Petz
Sophia Peer and her Parents

February 17 Curated by Melanie Maar for AUNTS Featuring:
Joyce S. Lim
Miranti Kisdarjono
Maggie Bennett
Moriah Evans and Sarah Beth Percival

March 24 Curated by Ben Boatright for AUNTS Featuring:
Tess Dworman
Stephen Lichty
Andres Laracuente
Adriane Lee