The Chocolate Factory
5 – 49, 49th ave LIC
april 17 – 19 (thur – sat), 2008

tickets – $15, and directions

Team One by AUNTS is a show of 3 artists chosen by a 19 person curatorial team

explicitly placing the curatorial group on a crowded pedestal, above that of the comfortably numbered show it chooses to exhibit, Team One is concerned with the politics of curating dance – examining expectations, power relations, tastes and themes expressed in choosing people/groups/works to present

the curatorial activity, in the form of written, videotaped and photographed documentation of the process, is presented to the audience as an art installation in conjunction with the live, curated show

the live show produced by Team One may seem typical, but what is revealed and magnified is the difficult process of the attempt to be responsible for the presentation of work that has potential to be relevant

team one curators:
Ariel Polonsky
bibi (beatrice barbareschi)
Holly Faurot
Jeso O’Neill
Laurie Berg
Michael Helland
sarah h. paulson
Eva Schmidt
Montzerrat Contreras
Leslie Cuyjet
Devika Wickremesinghe
Kristin Hatleberg
Chih-Chun Huang
Chase Granoff
Tara O’Con
Ben Pryor
Jon Moniaci
Sari Nordman
Anne Zuerner

team one artists:
Bradlee Hicks
Ishmael Houston-Jones
Kenta Nagai